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What are we??

  • A responsive service platform, advising and meeting clients, suppliers and contacts.
  • A system autonomous captchas provision platform.
  • A work platform on which dozens of people depend every day.
  • A platform, community and system that is constantly evolving and improving.

How do we do it?

  • We use a series of servers and server-based resources scattered around the world.
  • We use technology, tools and exclusive lines of code. PlusCaptcha also uses HTML5, JavaScript (JQuery) and other languages. Some paid and free tools as well.

What do we accept?

  • Business proposals, investments, and supporters.
  • Ad proposals - we sell ad space.
  • To provide assistance with Mass Advertising.
  • Feedback, recommendations, tips, etc.

What we do NOT accept?

  • Spam
  • Illegal activities

If you have questions not answered in this short FAQ or want to contact us, feel free. We would appreciate it. We will answer.